Design for the Environment

Peridox 3 minute C. diff sporicide

Broad Spectrum One-Step Disinfectant & Cleaner that meets EPA’s stringent requirements under their “Design for the Environment” program

Better for People, Equipment & the Environment

We’re proud to announce that STERISEPT TB has been awarded the prestigious “Design for the Environment” designation – EPA’s stringent new program that focuses on safety for people and the environment.

Combine this important “green” focus with effective, one-step, broad spectrum disinfection and you have a product that meets the needs of most all industries.

  • Healthcare
  • Long term care
  • Education
  • Better for the PlanetHospitality & Transportation
  • Shopping & Public Spaces & more

Download product information here: STERISEPT-TB DFE Hospital Disinfectant & Cleaner



Offers you the confidence of  hospital disinfection with safe, greener chemistry wipes and liquid.

Shopping carts teem with fecal bacteria - STERISEPT TB disinfects

Being capable of killing high concern germs gives you the confidence that your environment is protected. 

Combine germ killing power with safety makes this bleach-free product the choice for disinfection and public health

The Better Choice:

  • EPA rated “DfE” (Design for the Environment) Safer Chemistry
  • Bleach free which means safer air quality:  No VOCs,  fumes, inhalalation risks or harsh chemical smells
  • Safe for people & the environment with an HMIS/NFPA Rating of “0” – lowest possible toxicity
  • Safe for skin:  dermally non-sensitizing – not a skin irritant
  • EPA-registered One-Step Cleaner & Disinfectant for Hospital Use (high level disinfection)
  • Ready-to-Use, no mixing required (no potential for operator error/exposure)
  • Not combustible and can be safely stored anywhere
  • Non-staining & contains no dyes
  • No clean off wipe or rinse required = quicker decontamination
  • Effective against drug resistant organisms such as MRSA, MRSE & VRE (see full list below)
  • Effective against H1N1
  • Meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen standards
  • Safe for sensitive electronic equipment:  non-corrosive & non-toxic
  • EPA registered safe for cleaning & disinfecting nursery toys

SteriScience-Greener DisinfectantsCleaning Shouldn’t Make People Sick

  • The smell of bleach is often irritating, toxic and can cause symptoms of asthma, allergic reactions, respiratory difficulties, mental fog, nausea, etc.
  • Bleach alternatives strong enough to offer high concern germ killing capacity are often irritating to the skin or the environment
  • Offers bleach-free high level disinfection with a neutral, fresh smell with no irritating or unpleasant fumes or irritation to the skin

SteriSept Disinfectant HMIS & NFPA Ratings

Does Not Contain:   Bleach, Quats, Ammonia, Phenols, Phosphates, Formaldehyde or other Aldehydes, Silver, VOCs, Solvents, Terpenes, or Triclosan