SteriGard Fabric & Textile Care


SteriGard Fabric & Textile CareSteriGard Fabric & Textile care works with detergents to eliminate odors, improving cleaning & appearance while providing a stain & soil resistant barrier coating to preserve fabrics and textiles…and your bottom line.


The Smell of Success Should be Sweet

If you’re around athletes, you’ll know it from the aroma of their clothing and gearSteriGard Eliminates Odors & Their Source

Until now, detergents and sprays simply masked odors instead of addressing the source.

SteriGard Advanced Fabric & Textile treatment eliminates odors, cleans, deodorizes and protects clothing & gear with a safe, lasting, invisible water repellant barrier coating that resists soil adhesion and the source of odor to extend the useful life of clothing and athletic gear.

Cleans with the oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide to keep your clothing and gear looking bright and fresh, while protecting it with an invisible odor, stain & soil resistant shield.

Works with detergents to eliminate odors &  improves the appearance and feel of fabrics, textiles & sports gear. 


It’s simple:

  1. Pre-treat by spraying SteriGard onto sweaty athletic clothing & smelly athletic gear to eliminate odor
  2. Add 1 oz. of SteriGard to the wash with your regular detergent (no fabric softener required) & wash as usual


That’s it.  Breathe easier, play harder, without the odor.

  • Protects fabrics with a safe, lasting invisible barrier against odor, discoloration & deterioration
  • Promotes cleanliness, fresh appearance & lofty, luxurious feel of garments, towels & more
  • Bonds to fabric fibers & provides protection that lasts between regular washings

Don’t Just Wash – Clean!

SteriGard Eliminates the Source of Odor