Transportation, Hospitality & Public Places

SteriScience Greener Products for Public Spaces SteriScience Greener Products for Public Spaces SteriScience Greener Products for Public Spaces

Greener Products Designed to Meet the Requirements in Healthcare

Ideal for Public Spaces

  • OptiFX High Performance Touchscreen Cleaner & Protectant
  • STERISEPT Safer Chemistry Disinfectant Daily Cleaning Wipes
  • SteriGard Advanced Laundry Treatment for Hospitality
  • SteriGard Cleaner & Deodorizer for Public Places
  • SteriSoft Alcohol-Free Extended Duration Hand Hygiene
  • SteriScreens Antimicrobial Screen Protectors for Public Areas


SteriGard Laundry Treatment Eliminates the Source of Odor

Don’t Just Wash – Clean

SteriGard Advanced Fabric, Textile & Laundry TreatmentCleans, Freshens, Deodorizes & Protects

  • Advanced Laundry Treatment for Linens, Garments, Carpets, Fabrics & Upholstery
  • Works with Detergents to Eliminate Tough Odors
  • Soil & Stain Resistant Barrier Coating Improves Cleaning & Appearance


A study conducted by the University of Virginia found that guests infected with a cold who spent one night in a hotel room left contagious germs on nearly 35% of objects they touched.*SteriGard laundry treatment makes textiles feel fresh, lofty & clean

Many guests believe that “most hotels do not wash bedspreads after each guest.”  Research by Hotelschool in The Hague asked ~700 guests which aspects of cleanliness they expected the hotel to always get right.  Study results:

  1. clean linens
  2. no evidence of previous guests &
  3. absence of bad smells or odors

SteriGard helps hospitality address consumer expectation with “clean linens & absence of odors, which removes evidence of a previous guest.”

SteriGard-Fabric-&-Textile-Care*SteriGard is not intended to be used as a pesticide to protect users or others against food borne or disease causing bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease causing organisms.

What is SteriGard?

  • SteriGard is a concentrated, easy-to-use laundry treatment that forms an invisible water, soil and stain repellant coating to reduces penetration, adhesion & build-up of soils in the microscopic pores of textiles, for easier next time cleaning.
  • SteriGard eliminates odors not easily cleaned with detergent alone and does not simply “mask” odors.
  • SteriGard laundry treatment leaves fabrics feeling soft & lofty, smelling fresh with a vibrantly clean appearance.

Cleans:  SteriGard cleans organic soil with the oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide.  SteriGard’s barrier coating technology keeps soil and stains on the fabric’s surface so that they can easily be washed away.

Protects:  When used as directed, SteriGard protects fabrics with a safe, lasting invisible barrier against odor, discoloration and deterioration.  SteriGard promotes a clean, fresh appearance and extends the useful life of institutional uniforms, linens, towels, curtains, carpets & other textiles.

Lasts:  The SteriGard barrier bonds to fabric fibers & provides protection that lasts between regular washings.

SteriGard can improve the appearance and usable lifespan of products, saving money in replacement and cleaning costs.


30 Years of Safety

The SteriGard barrier ingredients are registered with the US EPA & other regulatory agencies worldwide, and have over 30 years of safe and effective use, meeting all OSHA standards.

SteriGard bonds to the surface and will not migrate from a treated surface or transfer onto or leach into the skin or the environment.

SteriGard Does Not Contain

Harsh acids or alkalis
Chlorine bleach
Quarternary Ammonium Compounds
Formaldehyde or other aldehydes
Phenolics (Triclosan)
Alcohol or other flammable chemicals
APEs or NPEs

Safe for Staff Too

 SteriGard HMIS & NFPA Ratings

SteriGard Benefits

  • Cleans, freshens, deodorizes & protects
  • Cleans with the oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide
  • Eliminates odors & protects fabric from deterioration
  • Safe polymer bonds to surface for extended control that lasts between washings
  • Stays on the fabric surface
  • Enhances cleanliness & appearance of laundry
  • Easy-to-use liquid delivery system
  • Compatible with detergents at all water temperatures
  • Can be added to carpet cleaning solutions
  • Can be used to clean upholstery
  • Non-corrosive
  • Nonflammable
  • Non-fuming
  • No dyes or colors
  • No SLS

Where to Use SteriGard

  • Hotel linens, towels, curtains, drapes & other textiles
  • Cleaning carpeting & upholstery
  • Food Service dining & food prep linens & textiles
  • Spa linens