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  • SteriGard Cleaner & Deodorizing Barrier Coating
  • Bleach-Free STERISEPT Wipes & Liquid
  • SteriScreens Antimicrobial, Self-Repairing Screens Protectors
  • SteriSoft Antimicrobial Skin Protectant


Steri-Soft Alcohol-Free Antimicrobial & Skin Protectant

Share the Care – Not the Germs

SteriSoft Antimicrobial Skin Protectant

Did you know that the instant your alcohol-based hand sanitizer evaporates, its germ killing potential has disappeared too?

Alcohol is problematic because it is a dehydrating agent, removing the natural layer of emollients that lubricates and protects the skin, making it more susceptible to bacteria.

With regular use, the skin dries out and cracks exposing damaged tissue that can be colonized by different types of bacteria which could gain access to deeper tissues, not to mention that alcohol is flammable (hand sanitizer fire injures cancer survivor).

SteriSoft Offers a New Paradigm for Hand Hygiene

What You’ll Love About SteriSoft Antimicrobial & Skin Protectant:

Germicidal — kills 99.99% of germs
Includes 6 Essential Vitamins & 12 Hydrating Moisturizers
Sophisticated Cosmetic Ceramide, Aloe, Shea Butter & Phospholipid
Functions as a Skin Protectant
Petroleum Free
Paraffin Free
Fragrance Free
Surfactant-free (No SLS)
Made in the USA

How SteriSoft is Different

Nothing but positives:

Unique silicone cross co-polymer
Applies easily
Allows skin to perspire and breathe
Dirt & grime wash off easily
A small amount goes a long way
Hands feel silky even after washing
Designed to soothe dehydrated skin
Allows perspiration to escape & the skin to breathe
Encourages hand hygiene compliance


SteriSoft Antimicrobial & Skin ProtectantSteriSoft Antimicrobial & Skin Protectant

SteriSoft Antimicrobial & Skin Protectant

Antimicrobial & Skin Protection    The Winning Combination



Ideal for:

First Responders
Food Service
Grocery & Food Handling
Public Service
Entertainment & Gaming
Law Enforcement
Any industry with public contact