Transportation, Hospitality & Public Places

SteriScience Greener Products for Public Spaces SteriScience Greener Products for Public Spaces SteriScience Greener Products for Public Spaces

Greener Products Designed to Meet the Requirements in Healthcare

Ideal for Public Spaces

  • OptiFX High Performance Touchscreen Cleaner & Protectant
  • STERISEPT Safer Chemistry Disinfectant Daily Cleaning Wipes
  • SteriGard Advanced Laundry Treatment for Hospitality
  • SteriGard Cleaner & Deodorizer for Public Places
  • SteriSoft Alcohol-Free Extended Duration Hand Hygiene
  • SteriScreens Antimicrobial Screen Protectors for Public Areas


Steriscreens screen protectors with antimicrobial surface protection

Take the Wonder & Mystery Out of Using Public Touch Screens

SteriScreens antimicrobial screen protectors for public spaces

SteriScreens™ are self-repairing screen protectors with SteriVue™ antimicrobial product protection technology that incorporates a patented EPA-registered effective antimicrobial embedded in a highly specialized film that is self-repairing from scratches, dents and dings.

SteriScreens™ offer a unique technology not found in mass market PET screen protectors — lasting, non-leaching antimicrobial proven to control the growth of bacteria, fungus and molds on the film surface.

SteriScreens screen protectors are IDEAL for high touch electronic devices in public spaces.


Touchscreens Transmit Germs Very Effectively

SteriScreens screen protectors are critical for use in public spaces because  touchscreens transmit germs very effectively.

Timothy Julian of Stanford University co-authored a study on the spread of viruses, and found that, if you smear a virus across a cell phone’s touchscreen, 30% of it will find its way onto your fingers, and eventually into your eyes, mouth and nose.*

In August 2012, a man contracted a deadly virus by stealing a cellphone from an infected cell phone owner.


Steriscreens antimicrobial screen protectors

SteriScreens Protect Product Surfaces

SteriVue™ technology is proven effective against pathogenic microbes such as Staphylococcus aureus & E. coli, passing the JIS Z2801:2000 test.  No other screen protector offers this type of protection.


Proven Antibacterial

  • The antibacterial effectiveness has been tested and certified by acknowledged & independent research bodies (RSSL Pharma-UK & SEGA-Germany)
  • The SteriScreen™ embedded antimicrobial compound is registered with the EPA, NSF and FDA listed for use in medical and food preparation equipment
  • The active ingredients in SteriScreens™ will not migrate from the screens or transfer onto or leach into the skin

Durability & Optical Clarity

Unlike mass market PET screen savers, SteriScreens™ provide durability and incomparable optical clarity.

SteriScreens™ use the same rugged military grade film developed to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades and are used in military night vision devices that require high performance optical clarity.

Cushion Against Shock

The unique structure & composition of the SteriScreens film also provides a protective cushion against shock which is not provided by mass market PET screen protectors sold in stores and malls.


Benefits of Using SteriScreens Antimicrobial Screen Protectors

Value-added benefits not available from any other screen protectors

  • Protects your investment from being damaged by everyday wear & tear
  • Improves visibility/visual clarity of existing screens, including already damaged screens
  • Self-repairing technology that heals scratches, dings & scrapes that remain in ordinary screen protectors
  • Can be optimally cleaned with SteriGard
  • Advanced technology does not yellow, discolor, or become brittle like ordinary screen protectors
  • SteriScreens provide screen surface protection from microbes for monitors & electronic devices. No other screen protector can do this!
  • SteriScreens are made with the same high grade, durable optically clear film used in high resolution military night vision devices
  • SteriScreens films are based on technology developed for the military to protect high speed helicopter blades
  • Antimicrobial compound is securely embedded in the film and will not leach onto skin or into the environment
  • Tested & proven effective against pathogenic microbes such as E. coli & Staph. aureus on product surfaces
  • Extends the usable life of touch screens, monitors, tablets, computer screens, cell phones & other electronic device screens
  • EPA listed, NSF listed, FDA listed & REACH compliant
  • Made in the USA & TAA Compliant

Use SteriScreens antimicrobial screen protectors on All TouchscreensWhere to Use SteriScreens

  • On-board touchscreens
  • In-terminal Computer Monitors
  • Billboard Style Maps & Directories
  • Self check-in kiosks
  • Self-serve pay stations
  • Self-serve dispensers (coffee, ice, ice cream & more)
  • ATM machines
  • Touch screen credit card terminals
  • Hotel room electronic bedside controls
  • Gaming equipment
  • Any high touch electronic device that comes into contact with the publicSteriScreens antimicrobial screen protectors for public spaces